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always talk about Meal Planning and I'm never far from my Nigerian Food Time table because it literally saved my life! I was so stressed out before I started meal planning and using a Food Time Table, but when I started, there was no turning back. What is Meal Planning? Meal planning is an excellent way to organize your meals, save time, and maintain a balanced diet. Simples. Click HERE to download the Meal Planner we use. Here are three effective strategies I use for meal planning:

Weekly Menu Planning:
I designate a specific day each week to plan our meals for the upcoming week. This could be a weekend day when I  have more free time.

I take stock of the ingredients we already have in our pantry and fridge to avoid waste and build meals around those items.

I consider our dietary preferences, nutritional needs, and any special occasions or events during the week that might influence our meal choices.

I plan a variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I try to aim for a good balance of proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

I create a shopping list based on the planned meals to ensure we have all the necessary ingredients.
nigerian food time table

Batch Cooking:
Batch cooking involves preparing larger quantities of food at once and then storing it for later use. This method saves time and ensures you always have healthy meals readily available.

I choose a day or two during the week when I can dedicate some time to batch cooking. I cook several servings of different recipes, and portion them out into individual containers.

I consider cooking staple items like stews, soups, grains, beans, and proteins in large batches to use as a base for various meals throughout the week.

I store the prepared meals in the fridge or freezer with proper labeling and dates for easy identification.

I assign theme nights to specific days of the week. For example, you can have Meatless Mondays, Pizza Friday, Grilling Saturdays and eating out for Sunday Brunch. This adds an element of fun and simplifies the decision-making process.

I try to allow for flexibility in our meal plan. Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes plans change. I created a list of quick and easy go-to meals that we can prepare with minimal ingredients and time.

I am all for embracing leftovers and repurposing. When we cook extra portions, we use them creatively in the next day's meal or transform them into a new dish to keep things interesting. Stew can easily make Jollof spaghetti etc. 

Regardless of the strategy you choose, the key to successful meal planning is finding a system that works for you and fits your lifestyle. It may take some trial and error to establish a routine, but once you get into the habit, meal planning can greatly simplify your daily cooking and improve your overall eating habits. Download the ultimate Nigerian Meal Planner Here (it contains meal ideas, food timetable, and recipes!)

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