I was introduced to Meal Planning many years ago by my mother. She had a sheet of paper, taped to the wall with lines drawn across it vertically and horizontally. It had MON TUE WED THUR FRI SAT SUN at the top and list of meals we would be having for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner for a week. She called it a Food Time Table.

We would repeat the meals every week. That sheet of paper on the wall existed for many years, till it was worn out, so much so that without glancing up at it, I knew Moin Moin was a Saturday Morning affair and most afternoons was a swallow for whatever Soup was available. As a child, I really did not like the Food Time Table, but my Mother followed it keenly. I did not understand then. I was only 8. What did I know?

Fast forward many years later, I am in my own home; with a husband and 3 kids. I am responsible for what they eat and this includes; budget planning, grocery shopping, pantry management, meal planning and prepping, and by my 7th year of Marriage I was already mentally and physically exhausted of thinking about what to cook for my family of 5 for breakfast lunch, snacks and dinner. It was a lot. I made the decision on a cold rainy night - it was the day my family had biscuits for dinner.

Cue in the Nigerian Food TimeTable. I created a food timetable -  I shared my meal plan with my family, then my friends and my online community - I received many comments and from the feedback it was evident that this was a world wide problem. As long as you live, you will forever think “what will I eat today?”. Unless you have a friend like me, who can take that burden from you by sharing her family’s meal plan. This birthed "THERE IS FOOD AT HOME : Meal Planning Guide With Complete Recipes"

THERE IS FOOD AT HOME is your ultimate companion to:

- simplify your meal planning
- master the art of meal prepping
- savor delicious dishes. 

Get ready to indulge in a collection of flavorful and easy-to-follow recipes. So, grab your apron, sharpen your cooking skills, and immerse yourself : Your journey to flavorful and effortless meal planning starts here. Download your copy HERE 

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