Nothing hurts more than missing out on the things you love the most. 

When these things come in the form of your favourite ice cream, chilled drinks on a sunny afternoon or even hot coffee to start your day and you are forced to avoid them because of the short sharp pain you often experience.

That pain is as a result Dentine Sensitivity! Not to worry, Sensodyne, the number one dentist recommended toothpaste has taken its annual Dental Check Up exercise to a whole new level with the launch of, an online platform where Nigerians can now have access to free sensitivity test!

The platform is fast, fun, easy to navigate and will engage users with short interesting questions that will help to confirm the state of their teeth just by answering simple questions in about one minute.

Don’t be the last on this, all your favourite celebrities including Nedu of Wazobia FM, Emma OhMaGod, Ifys Kitchen, Sisi Yemmie, Ask Damz, Healthy Nellies have taken their tests and joined the campaign to raise awareness about dentine sensitivity.

Log on to to take the test and follow the conversation via

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