I've been seeing a lot of Nigerian products in the supermarket and I am just as curious as you are if they are worth buying or not. I love Puff-Puff and if there's anything to make the process easier I will embrace it which is why I picked up the Infinity Instant Puff-Puff Mix - I bought it at Shoprite for less than N500 Naira. Have you used it before? What did you think? Let's test this product! If you want to make your Puff-Puff from scratch, I have an awesome recipe HERE
The instruction on the packaging says :
  • Mix all content with 3-4 cups (250-300mls) of lukewarm water till the batter gets stretched.
  • Add sugar if you like it more sweeter
  • Cover the bowl properly and store for at least 30 minutes
  • Fry in oil until brown in a deep pot, sprinkle with sugar if desired before serving.


  1. Will look out for this product this weekend in shoprite warri. I'm wondering if instead of 3-4 cups of water, they actually meant 3.4 cup. Will try it and report back.

  2. We need more videos like this!

  3. Hmmmmm sisi I bought the instant pancake mix of this infinity brand from shoprite, only for me to get home and see maggots abi worms when I mixed it and it wasn't expired oo. Na so I take troway the thing oo. Not sure i'll be trying infinity products anytime soon. So its a bye for me. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  4. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blog that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. buy instagram followers

  5. The pack I bought actually said 3/4 cup not 3-4 so i didn't have the runny batter issue. Thanks for the review

  6. In brackets it says 200-300mls if I saw correctly. The 3-4 cups is certainly a typo.

  7. Bye! It is a waste of time and is not the same as the one made from scratch


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