So you're trying to order Fenty Beauty to Nigeria and it is looking like an impossible task, why not engage the services of a personal shopper? I never really understood the benefits of using a personal shopper till I began to need customised shopping service and I discovered how important one was! Personal shoppers can help you buy anything; clothing, homeware, shoes, beauty products and more for a fee. Ps. 20% discount off delivery fee on all Christmas shopping , use the discount code " Sisiyemmie "
  • A personal shopper makes sure that specific items you need, and ordered which you are unable to get in the country can be delivered to you with no hassles! For instance you need a particular item from a store that doesn't offer online shopping, you are in Nigeria and you can't go all the way to London for one shoe, just call your Personal Shopper.
  • Are you a Busy mom? Busy somebody in general and you have no time to spend shopping or find the process stressful- then hire the services of a personal shopper, it will save you a lot of time! This is so useful if you are planning an event and you need to get something ASAP! 
  • Personal shopping saves you the stress of looking for someone travelling from abroad to Nigeria before you shop. No more Whatsapp/Twitter/Facebook updates like "anyone coming from UK to Nigeria before Thursday?"...just call Bibi's Delivery to help you buy/bring an item from UK to anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Helps you shop worldwide without restricting yourself to the limited online shops that deliver to Nigeria. You don't need Fenty Beauty to deliver to Nigeria if you have a personal shopping service like Bibi's Delivery.
  • We know how expensive Courier services can be, sometimes the cost of shipping is way more expensive than the item purchased! Cut it! Bibi's Delivery provides Cargo Service : You shop & they deliver. Now that the Christmas season is coming upon us, you can make use of Bibi's Delivery services. 

These personal shoppers are mostly freelancers and you need to do your research for a reliable and trustworthy one. There are so many offering this service on Instagram now but to avoid stories that touch you need due diligence. I can recommend Bibi's Delivery, they deliver from Uk to anywhere in Nigeria and offer Cargo, Personal Shopping services, I have known Bibi's Delivery since 2014

Ps. If you need Bibi's Delivery Services:
BBM Pin: 7AFF211D
Call: +2349083191173 or +447448055489

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