No matter how bleak a situation seems, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you can either choose to give up or march on till you find that light.

Sonia, a beautiful diligent and highly intelligent pupil always stood out in her class. Her parents didn’t have much but were the most accommodating, loving and caring parents she could hope for. Being a bright and well behaved child, her parents were very committed to ensuring she got quality education at all cost. Her dad worked very hard as an accountant while her mum owned a small retail store where she sold provisions. Sonia’s dream was becoming a Nigerian female pilot one day

Hell was let loose one fateful day when Sonia and her mother received news that her father had collapsed suddenly at work and was rushed to the hospital. Sonia’s dad had dropped her off at school that morning with a promise to return home to his loving daughter. Little did she know that was going to be the last time she would be setting her eyes on him alive. Her diligent dad had taken ill from accumulated stress and was at risk of a stroke. He had also suffered a concussion which required a major surgery costing about 3 Million Naira. Sonia and her mother were distraught by the situation even though she didn’t really understand what was going on. In an effort to save her father’s life, they appealed to everyone they could for help but unfortunately her father passed on. Her hero was gone forever! Left completely perturbed, Sonia could only wonder how her dream of becoming a Pilot someday would come true going by her mum’s petty income from trading. 

Her mother didn’t give up and did all she could to fend for them. During one of her lunch breaks at school, Sonia overheard her classmates talking about the on-going Ribena Back to School Scholarship promo which was rewarding consumers with N100,000 cash scholarship. Fortunately her birthday was in a few days so when her mother asked what she wanted, she requested for a carton of her favourite drink Ribena. Following her dad’s demise, this had become a luxury item. Her mother granted her wish especially because of what the brand meant to her. Hurriedly on her birthday, Sonia unwrapped her gift. Her mother was so surprised at her excitement when she opened the carton and brought out a sticker. She screamed and explained the sticker was the winning Smarty Berry sticker of the ongoing Ribena Back to School Scholarship promotion. She had just won a N100,000 which was more than enough to fund her graduating session. 

They both danced with joy and tears with her mom expressing a sigh of great relief; her daughter’s favourite drink had stepped in to support them in this challenging times. She would have never believed her daughter could ever become a beneficiary of a scholarship from a consumer promotion. Ribena just helped her daughter take a step further towards realising her dreams. Sonia passed her National Common Entrance Examination and was named the best pupil in her set. Her mother could not get over how excited Sonia was to see that Ribena Smarty Berry sticker and she would never forget the ray of hope in her eyes as she marched on at her graduation ceremony. 

Ribena is rewarding 250 lucky consumers with N100,000 scholarships nationwide till 31st of October 2016 and you can be a part of the lucky winners. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

1. Buy a promo carton of Ribena 150 ml

2. Find the Smarty Berry Sticker with the winning code

3. Send Code behind the scratch panel to 65432 for verification

4. Follow process as informed by GSK redemption representative. 

All redemptions will be completed at GSK regional offices across the country. All winners are required to come with the smarty berry sticker and the child that will be benefiting from the scholarship. For enquiries please call the GSK helpline desk on 08004752273 or email

Terms and Conditions apply. 


  1. So touching and nice..

  2. Nice story and now all I want is a pack of Ribena. Haha

  3. Simply Inspiring as every other of your post is... More ink to your pen!

  4. Awwwh! i was close to tears. God's Speed for sonia and her family.

  5. What a story! It's quite emotional.

  6. I was so touched,thank God it's an advert after all .

  7. can we get the family's contact? I will like to help her and call on others to help her too. 08059270197


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