If you ask basically any Nigerian child why they love Ribena, they would probably end up filling out sheets of paper listing out all the reasons. So to satisfy my question on why children love Ribena, I’ll rather let the parents do the talking.

Watch two of the latest winners of Ribena Back to School Scholarship promo 4 year old Anu and 8 year old Gold declare their love for Ribena

As a brand which recognizes its place in the hearts of children all over the country, Ribena is giving 250 children N100,000 scholarships nationwide till October 31st. In this economy as a parent, this can only be afro juju music to my ears. Before I continue, let me sharply call Bobo to buy Ribena for Tito. (Grabs Phone)

Even as the schools are resuming, children are still winning from all over the country and the fun part is all they have to do is find the Smarty Berry Sticker in the 150ml pack send the code on it to 65432 and just like that school fees for the next session is in check. You don’t have to take my word for it. See more pictures of winners Little Jeremiah from Abuja and Dorcas from Benin.

For more info, Follow the instructions in the poster below

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