Happy New Year!!!

Like play like play we are in 2016, the year of flourishing and intentional living for me! I know many Churches have their tagline for the year, what's yours? My own tag line I came up with myself because that is what I want it to be for me...just flourishing from my head to my toe and in all aspects of my life. I pray the same for you too!

I'm talking about intentional living because I don't want this to be one of those waka pass years, I want to have a focus and that is what will drive me this year. I have streamlined my purpose, I can't wait for everything to unfold! 

What have you planned for 2016? Do you have resolutions? 


  1. Not sure if am going to draw out resolution in this year but that doesn't imply there's no plan though. *wink* More importantly, God has a bigger plan for me (i can feel it).
    Happy new year Sisi Yemmie

  2. Intentional Living - Tuke said mentioned this as well. Off to watch the video. Happy New Year!

  3. Wow...I'm inspired. Thanks sisi and happy new year. I'm going to live intentionally this 2016

  4. Great tagline yemmie! We are on the same divine wavelength. Flourishing and acceleration are it for me. Likewise, I have set my goals towards intentional living and achievement; after all, faith without works? Have a fab year sisi.

  5. Great blog!
    What a way to underscore your point on being intentional with the way you color coordinated your outfit.
    The gold tones of your eye shadow and emerald drop earrings balance out well with the yellow and green design of the african print outfit.

    Your make up videos have been a valuable learning resource.

    Keep up the remarkable work!


  6. Sorry sisi mì, I don't kiss and tell, I love giving people the elements of surprise.... Lol

  7. Love your natural hair. Pls wats d name of the weavon you wore for 2days? It's lovely too n I'd like to lay my hands on them.

  8. This year will be great ;D! Keep up the work love your blog and videos


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