Hello loves! Praiiiiise Master Jesus! Today's vlog is coming a bit early today which means I've been on top of my game :)

Thank you Coca-Cola Nigeria for sending me these bottles! I don't think I'm supposed to drink it abi? Well, it feels good to be Woman Crush Wednesday, eeeees not a easy something!

For finding time and data to watch my videos, thank you! Don't forget to tell 1 person this week about my blog and youtube channel. It's FREE to SUBSCRIBE and I always shake my bumbum when I get a new SUBSCRIBER (maybe that's why i'm looking trimmer lately sha....LOL)

Have an amazing week!


  1. Lovely! Always looking forward to this, I and my 2 years old daughter. She hates making her hair but your vlog actually does the magic, all i need do is play it for her and give her 'our' phone then I make her hair sharp sharp. sisi I have been ur customer since 2011 ooo,lol but I just dey get courage to comment, God bless your ministry

  2. This is so nice, Tito is a big boy now eats everything eatable. Keep up the good work,Baba God is your strength.

  3. Sisiyemmie has finished my data o. Fun watching as usual. A quick one, doesn't Titobi allow you to comb his hair?

  4. You actually look very pretty with your natural hair. It is good to switch things up once in a while, but that heavy weave you had a few weeks back detracted from your beauty.

    Also, you have so much going for you and should not be so caught up in yearning for the expensive cars, houses and such that it takes away from your enjoyment of today. It's not worth it. So many people who have the big houses and expensive stuff only have a tiny fraction of what you take for granted. Count your blessings, dear Sisi, and great job with keeping it 100%! (Your home has more warmth and depth than that pretentious one in Banana Island.)

    PS. Uncle Junior is looking so fresh and plump! All this yummy food you are sharing, eh. I would encourage you to start a cooking site/channel strictly dedicated to showcasing your excellent cooking skills. Keep up the awesome work. For those of us in the diaspora, the visuals of home you create are so much appreciated.

  5. Yaayyy another sisi weekly, chai Titobi is cute for days n sisi na true ooo you don finish my data oo. I love what you did at cold stone u be correct babe no time for dullin n also what you said about wanting nice things like the furniture etc I don't think it's bad but the important thing like u said is to be grateful for what you already have cus I think that's what God wants you to have at that time. When he thinks you need a new car or furniture he will surely send you one. #Sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  6. hmmmm.better be grateful, some pple wld give anything to have your life..

  7. Aww,i truly understand where you're coming from. It's totally understandable.We've all been there. However,it's important to remember that for no matter how little you might think you have,there're a lot of people who want that little stuff. In all things,God is regards to your beautiful family and Uncle Junior(quite a hot stepper)


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