If you've been driving around the Magodo Phase II area you may have noticed this tiny restaurant beside the car wash just before you get to Magodo haven't noticed? I noticed a long time ago and I did because I saw a photo of my food on their building outside. So I went in and asked why they didn't shoot their own photos (after all you make food) but the manager told me something about it not being her fault, that it was the printer. Hmmmm....there we go again abi? No respect for copyright...just pluck my photo from my blog and use.

I advised her to get their own done. Fast forward a few weeks later I was going through the restaurants listed on (this website where places to eat in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan are listed) and I decided to try Okele, after all, I've seen it around. Oh if you're looking for Best Buka's in Lagos, or where you can have Sheesha or anything she that involves food and drinking, check out. 

I went with Uncle Junior and Titobs...Tito wanted to eat everything I was eating she and I kept giving him to Uncle Junior till we both finished our food. Babies and their energy. Like I said, I've been here more than once, but today's post was the review post. 
Uncle Junior's signature bone face 
I mentioned before that it was a tiny space but they have a few chairs and tables for customers who want to eat it. Ambiance is nice but hospitality is lacking a bit. The waiters/waitresses still need more advice on how to attend to customers. The other time I came I overheard one of them telling this madam that came to buy food (the woman was visiting from Abuja), then, she was telling the woman that no change and the customer should go out and look for change. Just imagine that. 

On the day of my review one of the guys put his fingers in the cup I was going to drink with and when I told him to change the cup he couldn't understand why, according to him, his hands were washed (oh and the cup he brought was chipped). Anyways I'm here for the food not hospitality. I usually order a takeout.

I typically would always buy their Ewedu and Amala. I've had Jollof rice, fried rice, ofada rice, moin moin from them before and it was nice. They sell Efo Riro, Ewa Agoyin, Normal Beans, Edikaikong,  and different meals (good job on the variety) I'll stick to the Amala sha. Uncle Junior had Rice and Efo riro, he wanted it with Egusi but Egusi had finished before we came. 
Ewedu & Amala

The awesome thing is that the food is very very pocket friendly. You can eat 2 wraps of Amala, Ewedu, Stew, I big Ponmo, Beef for N700 only. Very affordable! The portions are also okay. This is the biggest SELLING POINT they have and I hope they keep it that way. They do delivery around Magodo Phase 2 area for an extra 100 bucks . 


  1. 2 wraps of Amala, Ewedu, Stew, 1 big Ponmo/Beef goes for N700. How's that Pocket friendly?!! Not for common man lol

  2. lol @ anonymous...if you hol, it's pocket friendly and i think sisi yemmie thinks everybody hol like her

    1. Most certainly it is cost effective i think or maybe not. But do the math and compare prices, i was at sweet sensation in ogba and the following items cost me a whopping 3,000naira +
      * 2 igbin
      * 1 shaki
      * spoon of efo riro
      * spoon of edikaikong
      * 1 chicken salad
      * 2 pounded yam

    2. True - all ye lagosians spend N1,500 - N2,000 on a plate of food at chicken republic et al so compared to that, Okele actually seems extremely pocket friendly.

      Sisi Yemmie- we would have loved to see a picture of the offending picture Okele put on their wall........

  3. @Anonymous, a good and big ponmo of that size goes for #200 in the market, so a processed, spiced and pepper garnished ponmo should worth #300.
    A meat of that size is not the same size as the one you eat at all those bukas and canteens or hawkers, well established local bukas in Ikeja and Oja Oba meat goes for #200 a piece, so I don't see the difference.
    2 wraps of amala for #200 is not outrageous, considering Okélè gives consumers quality yam powder, while all other bukas mixed their yam powder with cassava and other products.
    Okélè gives consumers a homemade cooked meal at it best, the ingredients and products used in processing their food is of high standard, What they do and used is NAFDAC approved. Their environment, and the ambiance at Okélè is homely, it's like eating at home, the vision and mission statement is to give consumers enjoyment and relaxation impeccable.
    The difference between Okélè and local bukas/canteens is maybe #100, so why deprive your body a good quality meal, it's not about the money it's just common sense.
    A good meal is equal to great healthy body, strength, energy and great skin.

  4. Nice review. That plate of Ewedu and Amala is calling my name.

    Precious Core Blog

  5. @bomi ndo oo..okele advitiser lol

  6. Walahi you had me at 700 naira for 2 amala. And only 100 bucks for delivery? Im already in love lmao

  7. Precious me too! I want to the food!!!!

  8. I stay in magodo.. This has to be my new go to restaurant.. D delivery fee just got me


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