Hmmm...as I was watching how Miss Colombia was erroneously announced and crowned winner Miss Universe 2015 and in less than 5 minutes, the crown was removed and it located Miss Philippines head, I began to mutter prayers like a true Nigerian! It was a very terrible mistake that happened. Watch the video below and see why I said the prayers below. Its not a joking sturvvs.

If you've been to a C.A.C Church you know just how to do this!

1. Say "Father! All my blessings that have been misplaced in 2015, let it begin to locate me now in Jesus Name". Oya Pray!!!!

2. Brethren, people make mistakes in life. Some can be overlooked while others can be deadly to your life. Say "Father, any mistake that will cause my blessings to avoid me, I reject by fire now! "Prayyyeeeer!

3. God uses people to bless us, He will not come down from heaven. Also people can be used against us. You need to pray. Say "My Father! Anybody that will act as a messenger of doom in my life, let them miss road in Jesus name"! Adura!!!

4. The spirit of shame hovers about. You can be in your house and it will come and jam you there. If you watched the Miss Universe 2015 you will know that you need to pray. Now stand with your legs apart, put your hands on your head and say "Father! Every spirit of shame and disgrace around me, I destroy it in the name of Jesus!" Prraaaaaaaay!

5. Hmmmm...this prayer you need to take seriously. Even the Bible says a good name is better than riches. Say "Father, anything that will make me to be remembered for bad things, I jump am pass now" in Jesus name!

6. May your day of Glory not be your day of Sadness. Say Father, "nkan ayo mi ko ni di ibanuje funmi L'oruko Jesu!" What is making you to be happy will not be the thing to bring you sadness, will you pray or not? Prayerrrr!

Hope you prayed forrreal sha?


  1. OMG, the poor Miss Colombia. I dont know what I'll do if I were in ger shoes. Chaii epic embarrassment o. After waving and shining teeth.

  2. Sisi yemmi its not a small matter o . My blessings will not miss road to someone elses doormot in Jesus name

  3. LOL. even though its funny. this are good prayers.

  4. Amen oooo! In Jesus name! I will not ne disgraced, I will not be put to shame, my blessings will not be taken from me,in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Amen in Jesus Name...

    Thanks a million Pastor Yemisi.

  6. O my God, i reject this. My blessing must locate me. I would have fainted if i were Miss Colombia

    1. I know right!!! Imagine the joy of thinking I won something just to later get it taken away

  7. My success won't be in favour of someone else's. I say a big amen to those prayers Sisi..That mistake was a costly one.

  8. Very true - I can just imagine the shame on Miss Columbia's face. Crown on your head, smiling to the world, and then an announcement is made and the crown is removed! Oh the disgrace!!

    I am printing these prayer points oh Sisi Yemmie. It is a very serious something. Disgrace and shame must not catch us in 2016..

  9. Lol you always crack me up but these are legit prayer point that one must pray.
    Princess Audu

  10. Amen oh to the prayers!

    Steve Harvey should be banned from hosting such events ever again! It's not even funny! Imagine the metal and emotional trauma that would have caused Miss Columbia. She was even still waving and smiling when the joker came back to start yeye i'm sorry yarns... kai devil is a liar. All his agents must miss road IJN

  11. Hahahahah no be small prayer ooo. I can't even imagine being in Miss Columbia's shoes. Chai! God may this kind of disgrace never be my portion. Sisi, please add some fasting to those prayers. Lol

    Precious Core Blog

  12. If we really look well, the three of them are victims right now. So sad that this happened, on such a grand level.

    How I ruined my friend's relationship

  13. Those prayer points make's sence that whole show is just an eye opener to all of us.

  14. Everybody imagining themselves in Miss Colombia's shoes, me I see myself in Miss Philipines' shoes and reclaim that which was lost to me.


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