This video currently stands as my MOST VIEWED video EVER! 10300 views, and counting!! Nor be God ?

                              E   P   I    C 

It is also the shortest video I ever produced ; It is a short and simple scarf tutorial, click the play button to see just how easy you can achieve this look.

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Thanks all!


  1. Wow Sisi dear, this is so lovely...your so innovative and comfy in ur easy!

  2. Oh my! How beautiful! I'll try it for my next makeover post. And of course i'll wear my scarf that way to church tomorrow!

  3. I love it mega-ly.
    Will def try it out.
    Cheers beautiful sisi Yemmie:)

  4. the sincerity

  5. wow this amazing, I will definitely try this

  6. Sisi Yemmie, I tried this on Sallah day, It really looked good but not as good as yours I must confess. I will try it with a softer scarf next time. Cheers sis.
    Kindly visit my new blog someday for stories and let me know what you think of it.


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