I got a package from a global organisation that manufactures active ingredients used in flavours, fragrance and personal care products, here is the tea!


The Nigerian subsidiary of Symrise, a global flavors, fragrances, and nutritional ingredient manufacturer has just unveiled its newly upgraded application facility that will cater not only to large manufacturers in this industry but also to SMEs and MSMEs across these sectors. Well, that's not all, read on.


The personal care market in Nigeria is estimated to be a whopping $1 billion, with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) making up over 94% of businesses. The exit of multinational organisations creates a golden opportunity for local SMEs to shine and create affordable products that appeals to Nigeria market. 


Symrise Nigeria is taking an exciting turn to leverage this by partnering with Nigerian influencers and even, our musicians to create unique products - from beverages to perfumes and flavours. Influencers and musicians bring unique perspectives and massive reach, making them ideal partners for Symrise. This synergy allows for the creation of bespoke products that not only captivate consumers but also create significant value for the influencers themselves.  


So imagine your favourite influencer creating a unique perfume blend; or your favourite food blogger (Me, who else?), their secret ingredient and many other interesting partnerships. How exciting is that? This collaboration will open new doors and business opportunities for SMEs to innovate and thrive in a competitive market. 


Symrise’s upgraded labs are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Nigerian market, offering tailored solutions that empower local manufacturers. By working with influencers, food and health enthusiasts, musicians; they are not only creating exciting new products but also fostering a supportive ecosystem where SMEs can flourish and impact their communities. This approach ensures that both the influencers and their communities benefit from the partnership, creating a positive ripple effect on the Nigerian economy.


So, here’s to Symrise Nigeria – may your flavours continue to enrich our lives and your fragrances inspire our senses. 


Oh! You should definitely look out for the unboxing video to see what I got from Symrise 🙂

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