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(Something special at the bottom of this post) E don tey! The last time you read from me I was pregnant with twins - one was my “BABY” baby and the other was my creative baby. LOL I am now officially a mom of 3 and whew! The pressure is getting werser - My TikTok family get this and if you’re not following me on TikTok please come over because the version of Sisi Yemmie that is there, I don’t even know her. LMAO

So to my other creative babies: the last few months saw the birth of Volume 1 of my Soup CookBook - This is a collection of 35+ Nigerian Soup, Stews and Sauces - it’s available of Amazon US & UK, it is also available Digitally  if you click HERE (which is my favourite option because it is available to you, wherever, whenever & less expensive!) Because I’m an Eba & Soup Lover - this Book has my heart & the photos are stunning if I do say so myself. If you want to be a Souper Woman / Man, then this Cookbook has your name on it.
Sisi Yemmie book

It’s back to school season and my children had an amazing loooong holiday - we spent much of it, eating and doing whatever it was they wanted to do. I particularly enjoyed waking up late because I am not much of a morning person, and my baby keeps me up at night on some days so…there’s that.

One fun thing we got up to was creating a Children’s Cookbook because I was tired of not remembering what ideas of meals I wanted to make for them especially for breakfast and lunchbox . I documented our favourites and put it in a Book with the approval of my littles. This Book is called Little BIG Bites - “Little” because we are feeding little tummies, “BIG” because even though it is little food, the nutrition, flavours and nourishment is BIIIIIG and Bites just because they are yummy bites of deliciousness. Little BIG Bites has over 40 delicious meals for your children. This Cookbook is available Digitally if you click HERE

Sisi Yemmie cookbook yemisi Odusanya

You can see why I’ve been BUSY (there’s another reason but I want that to be a different surprise)

Now to why OCTOBER is special - because 19th is my BIRTHDAY! Woooohooo! To give back this month, I’m giving only my blog readers 35% off ALL BOOKs in my Store by using code OCTOSPECIAL at checkout! Thank you all so much for your love and support - it means soooo much to me!



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