Its currently Half-Term here and the perfect time for doing a lot of baking that the kids love. This Blue Berry Muffin has a Streusel topping which is really delicious and taken from My Children's Cookbook "Little Big Bite"

As a mom of 3 littles, I am very involved in what they eat and I have gone through picky eating, not knowing what to feed my children to eventually figuring it out. This book is for anyone trying to feed children exciting, yummy, healthy meals that are guaranteed plate-clearers. These meals are presented in  kid-friendly, irresistible ways but adults can indulge. However, let us get into today's recipe:

Watch the video on how to make Blueberry Muffins CLICK HERE

Enjoy this as a simple guide for wholesome breakfast, lunches, snacks and drinks that your kids will actually eat - With over 40 photos of fully-assembled meals . If you ever get stuck on ideas, this book is a great resource for families.


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