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Happy New Year ! Hope 2019 has been treating you good so far? I feel like January is actually rushing by even though it has a reputation for being a "slow" month. What do you think? It's already the 9th! How come?! So far it has been good and I feel this will be the perfect time for me to review my 2018 especially my 2018 vision board. Have you ever created a vision board? I did last year! If you want to see how to create a vision board click HERE

Let's talk about 2018...It was generally quite stressful for me, especially emotionally. Towards the end of the year we lost Tosyn Bucknor and it was very sad. This is actually the first time I'm acknowledging it on my blog and I have not even talked about it on my YouTube channel. I was so sad. 

WHAT I'M GRATEFUL FOR: That there was divine provision from God through the year, so many financial mountains were climbed and now looking back, if not for God, there is NO WAY I could have made it through. That is something that I am especially grateful for.

LESSON LEARNT: To always put God first and then I come after, everything else falls behind. No one can pour from an empty cup, so it is important to prioritise yourself. I did abs of self-care and I am taking it more seriously in 2019, this life na One oh (Ecclesiastes 9 vs 7). While you are going through life it is important to Enjoy it. Do what is best for you as long as you are not hurting others. I think I basically learnt how to hold back a bit and just be a little selfish LOL. Is this a good lesson?

MOVING FORWARD: Remove Negativity. It is so weird that you would have a positive vision board yet focus so much on the negatives, like "what if this doesn't happen", "what if that goes wrong"...this can totally wreck your year and plans. Moving forward I'm steering clear of bad energy. There are some people you need to unfollow for this to happen. There are some social media accounts I have not only unfollowed, but I blocked to the smithereens because I'm not taking chances. I suggest you do the same. 

I really go in-depth about a review of 2018 and my vision board in the video below, so if you are interested please watch! I am excited about 2019 and the new life it is going to bring! It is time for a fresh new start!


  1. Happy New Year! I already watched the video last week when it was posted, but wanted to say hey again on the blog here :D

  2. Really moved by the moving forward quotes

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