Ever thought that only N1000 can help you start the journey to long-term wealth and rewrite your story? Do you wish your money could work for you while you hustle, allowing you to spend yet still plan for a future with no financial struggles? If you’re preoccupied with these thoughts, you’re about to experience a great financial breakthrough. 

The economic reality might leave many people feeling that it is impossible to have a sustainable income, much less being able to invest. To the average Nigerian, investment is for the big boys and girls of society, who have a lot of money lying around. That’s where you are wrong. Mutual funds such as the Legacy Money Market Fund (LMMF) not only make investing easy, you don’t need to have so much money to get starter. With as little as N1000, you can start investing for a great future! 

The Legacy Money Market Fund (LMMF) is a mutual fund managed by First City Asset Management Limited, a member of FCMB Group. The objective of the fund is to preserve capital and generate a stable income for everyday people like you and I. The best part? With just N1000, you can get started! 

Yes, with only N1,000, the LMMF will pay you interest every 3 months or for the period of investment, if the period is less than 3 months. The LMMF invests in high quality, and local currency Money Market Instruments rated at least A, all for you.

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The LMMF is an example of a mutual fund, which is an investment vehicle that pools the savings of investors and invests the money on their behalf in instruments such as Money Markets, Bonds, Equities, and other types of securities. It brings together investors with similar investment objectives. 

The investment objective of a mutual fund reflects the return goal and risk appetite of investors in the fund. For example, a Money Market Fund will invest in only Money Market Instruments such as Fixed deposits and Treasury bills, while a Fixed Income Fund will invest primarily in Fixed Income Instruments. In addition, an Equity Fund will invest mainly in stocks. In Nigeria, all mutual funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Don’t forget, start your investment journey with the Legacy Money Market Fund today. It’s easy and affordable. Click here to begin.

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