The Infinix Super Black Friday November is still on and loads of consumers are being rewarded with the best of deals on all Infinix devices

Black Friday for shopping is widely regarded as the one Friday within the month of November to get the absolute best discounts on certain products sold by big, medium and small-scale retailers. 

It has become a global phenomenon that has spread to virtually every region around the world where individuals intentionally save up all year long to take advantage of those jaw dropping discounts that would be propagated around the period of Black Friday.

As the idea of Black Friday has evolved from being held on just a one day to every Friday within the month of November, brands have decided to leverage what the day entails to reward consumers with huge discounts. One brand that has been able to utilise the essentials for 2018 Black Friday thus far to is Infinix Mobility.

How did they do it?

The smartphone brand which has an impressive product portfolio with series such as Smart, Hot, Hot S, Note and Zero all geared towards spreading intelligent smartphone solutions to consumers set up a black Friday promo where consumers could get up to 50% discount on any Infinix devices. 

Yes, this is not a drill, discount rates up to 50%.

Many brands have been known to be rather manipulative with their offers during Black Friday but not Infinix. As a matter of fact, consumers can be sighted smiling from ear to ear on a daily basis at Infinix authorised retail stores (Finet, 3CHUB, Pointek, SLOT, Spectrum and others) nationwide buying devices with up to 30% discount.

The online platforms aren’t left out of the Infinix Super black Friday action. Individuals can log in onto Jumia and order an Infinix smartphone from their comfort zone and still enjoy a massive price slash on any Infinix device purchase.

Also, either on twitterand Instagram, simply upload a picture of Infinix device you want to purchase, use the hashtag #InfinixTGIFAwoof and invite your friends to like or retweet the post and you can get up to 50% discountto purchase the Infinix smartphone you uploaded.

On XClub,Upload a picture of any of the Infinix device you want to purchase for the remaining Fridays in November, Use the caption 'InfinixTGIFAwoof' and get your friends to like your post, the highest likes among the number posts wins up to 50%price slash to buy any Infinix smartphone.

This promo would last from Nov. 8thtoNov. 30th, 2018. Its fast and easy. Participate in the Infinix Super Black Friday promo and get the best deals for any Infinix smartphone. Offer valid while stock lasts, the time is now.

For more information on this and more updates, Visit Infinix Mobility Limited Facebook, Twitter& XClubplatforms

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