I've been hearing about Chai Tang Chinese Restaurant since they opened at the Twin Water Towers in Lagos a few months ago and I had the opportunity to visit lately. I thought it would be the perfect time for a review since I was going with my family. I've read reviews online and the seen the hype on social media so I was looking forward to this experience. If you want to know if Chai Tang is worth your money (because dinning there is not peanuts) then watch my review to the end, I have something to share with you.


  1. Thanks for this review.I've eaten their food and I have no issue with it.We cant say what went wrong with your dish. I'm sure the comapny will look into it

  2. Dear Sisi Yemi I quite disagree with you on this one .Chai Tang food is about the best food ever .I had an awesome experience . The purging is not from the food .

  3. The reviews of this restaurant have not been great...


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