Greensprings School Ikoyi, is the latest addition to the list of private schools in Ikoyi Lagos. 

The new campus which is located at 12a Reeve road, off Glover road, Ikoyi is the third campus of Greensprings group of schools in Lagos state. Over the years, Greensprings School has emerged as a leader in the education sector, with many awards, accreditations and success stories from its Alumni community to show for it. 

The Greensprings School Ikoyi campus which opens in September 2018 will cater for preschool and elementary school children between the ages of 2 and 10 years. 

The opening of Greensprings School Ikoyi campus is a strategic response to the increase in demand from prospective parents and residents of Ikoyi and its environs. The Ikoyi campus of Greensprings School will offer the same quality of education as the existing campuses in Lekki and Anthony areas of Lagos. 

According to Mrs Lai Koiki, the Executive Director of Greensprings School “this exciting initiative will bring us one step closer towards achieving our vision of leading holistic, inclusive, innovative world class education in Africa”. 

Greensprings School remains committed to laying a solid foundation for children by its consistent focus on early childhood education. This is very important because, when children adopt a habit of excellence at their formative stage, they stand a better chance of succeeding in any field of interest later in life. 

Greensprings School Ikoyi campus provides an enabling environment for children to be nurtured towards reaching their full potential. The adoption of growth mindset and child-centered learning will adequately prepare students for future exploits. 

Why Greensprings School should be considered one of the top private schools in Ikoyi 

Greensprings School has been in existence for over 33 years and is known for its consistency in delivering quality education to students from preschool to post-secondary school. Greensprings School has also constantly invested in innovative ideas towards its goal of redefining education in Africa. 

Some of their methods that stand out are as follows:- 

1. Key focus on Early Childhood Development: One of the major factors that distinguish Greensprings School from other private schools in Ikoyi is their focus on early childhood education, due of the understanding that academic excellence begins with the right educational foundation and can mostly be achieved during the formative years of a child.

This is carefully delivered using the Montessori Method of teaching at Pre-school and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) at the Elementary School. 

2. Well–rounded Education: Our approach to education is one that promotes a comprehensive learning culture in key areas, thereby building self-confidence in our future leaders. 

In essence, we seek to produce students who are not only sound in academics, but also competent in areas such as sports, community service, entrepreneurship, music and performing arts.

Over the years, our students have progressed to reputable universities globally and our Alumni community are also contributing positively to society in numerous ways. Here are some of their achievements.

3. Outstanding Academic Performances: With the introduction of Thinking Skills to our curriculum, Greensprings students have recorded excellent pass rate in international examinations, leaving parents and educational regulators with the joy of regarding us as one of the top private schools in Ikoyi. 

Recently, for the second year in a row, 5 of our students received the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards by the British Council and in the last 2 years, 10 Greensprings students have emerged top in country for different subjects in IGCSE examinations,while Honour Olatunji emerged top in the world for Mathematics in 2016.

4. Inclusive Education / Learning Support: Inclusive education allows students with different learning abilities stay together in the same learning environment. Students with learning difficulties will also be catered for at Greensprings School Ikoyi campus.

Our experienced Learning Support team adopts non-traditional resources and methods to make learning more accessible for students with these unique learning needs. It is a belief in Greensprings School that every child possesses unique abilities that require an enabling environment to flourish. 

5. Encourage Parental Involvement: We understand that the educational journey of a child can be more productive if parents are involved. 

Provisions will be made to ensure that parents who live and work in Ikoyi and its environs, are able to conveniently partake in school activities of Greensprings School Ikoyi. 

Greensprings School, Ikoyi campus will provide the following: 

· Montessori Method for Pre-School 

. International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for Elementary School 

. Stimulating learning environment. 

· Qualified and experienced teachers to guarantee academic excellence. 

· Ultra-modern gadgets to aid interactive learning 

. Conducive classroom 

. Play and recreation area. 

· Mini - swimming pool 

. Advisory and guidance throughout their formative years. 

· Open door policy and easy access to school administrators 

All these factors combine to create a solid educational foundation required to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school, as well as guarantee academic excellence. 

Greensprings School Ikoyi is a perfect choice for families who live and work in Ikoyi and its environs, It is also for parents who are unable to join our sister campuses in Anthony and Awoyaya areas of Lagos due to distance. 

Click here to know more about Greensprings School Ikoyi campus. 

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