Germs are in many places out there and trust our adorable adventurous kids to spend most of their days moving from one germ-filled area to another, without a clue as to what is gaining access to their restless little bodies. These germs affect their health one way or another and it is important as parents to know those hot spots where your kids are most exposed to germs.

Asides nap time, your kids spend the most part of their day huddled up with other kids in classrooms where germs are lurking in numerous corners. They are present in/on lockers, writing or drawing materials, chalks, markers, boards and many other things. You may have wondered why illnesses in classrooms spread like wildfire and this is because there is a lot of sharing and bodily contact going on in these rooms.



Play time is everything to a child but be wary, germs also come out to play at the playground. As kids move around and sweat in the process, they exchange bodily fluids that without even knowing it. Research has shown that things like urine, mucus, and saliva are present on playgrounds. Unconsciously, kids love to rub their eyes and put their fingers in their mouths and noses and these habits aid the spread of germs.



No one is safe in public restrooms. Chances are, your child is exposed to germs from all walks of life in a public restroom.



Table tops, cutlery, menus, you name it. Most people don’t remember to wash their hands before settling down to have their meals in public restaurants and this is something kids need to be taught to do. Even when you pull out all the stops to ward off germs, you cannot rest assured that the attendants are as hygiene conscious as you are.



This might be inconvenient to read but the truth is, within the supposedly secure four walls of your home, your child is still likely to get in contact with germs. From video gamepads and toys to remote controls for televisions and air conditioners, they simply cannot escape the germs.

The question probably running through your mind now is, “How then can our kids ever be safe from germs?”. The answer lies in teaching them healthy hygiene habits.

Regular hand-washing with soap and running water helps to reduce your kids’ exposure to germs. Encourage them to wash their hands with an antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy, which provides the best germ protection for the whole family.  Its unique formulation, which contains silver, one of nature’s strongest and abundant anti-bacterial elements, helps to keep them clean, fresh and healthy so that you have nothing to fear. 

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