wrote previously on tips for saving money on groceries, have you seen those tips? You should check them out HERE. If you are still struggling, lets try the following: strait by using a meal plan aka food time table, I use one , get it HERE (you're welcome)
  1. Shop at discount grocery stores or use online grocery delivery services: Discount grocery stores or online grocery delivery services can be cheaper than traditional grocery stores.
  2. Purchase seasonal produce when it is in season, as it is usually less expensive: Seasonal produce tends to be cheaper and fresher than out-of-season produce.
  3. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables instead of fresh to save money: Frozen fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than fresh produce and can be just as nutritious.
  4. Use a cash-back or rewards credit card when you shop: Using a cash-back or rewards credit card can help you earn rewards or cash back on your grocery purchases.
  5. Don't waste food – use leftovers for new meals or snacks: Repurposing leftovers can help you save money and reduce food waste.
  6. Grow your own produce or herbs, even if it's just in a small container garden: Growing your own produce or herbs can be a fun and cost-effective way to add fresh ingredients to your meals.
  7. Buy meat in larger quantities and freeze it for later use: Buying meat in bulk can be cheaper than buying smaller portions, and freezing it can help it last longer.
  8. Compare prices and unit prices to get the best deal: Comparing prices and unit prices can help you find the best deal on a particular item.
  9. Use apps and websites that offer coupons or rebates on groceries: Using apps or websites that offer coupons or rebates can help you save money on your grocery bill.
  10. Shop with a friend or family member and split bulk items to save money: Shopping with someone else can help you split the cost of bulk items and save money.
  11. Avoid buying bottled water and use a filter pitcher or water bottle instead: Buying bottled water can be expensive, so using a filter pitcher or water bottle can be a cost-effective alternative.

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  1. your tips were great for me especially no 10 and 7 which i applied and it become helpful.....thanks alot


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