For this year’s Mother's Day celebration, OMO recognis
ed the mother figures who show love and care for every child in their community through the “Everyone’s Mum’ campaign. 

With a call to nominate remarkable mother figures across Nigeria, hundreds of entries were sent in to confirm and celebrate women who have played significant roles not just to their children, but to others they have met.  

With winners across multiple states in Nigeria receiving personalized gifts from the brands, here are some of the inspiring stories that emerged through the competition that reflects the bond between mothers and children. 


1.     I nominate Mrs. Keziah Njoku as Everyone's Mum because she is my mother-in-law and for over 14 years now. 

I married into that family she had made me cling to her instead of running away from her. She has three daughters-in-laws, including two daughters, but you can't distinguish between them. Everyone calls upon her in the neighborhood whenever a woman gives birth to a new baby for proper guide on how to manage both the new mother and the baby. She had taught many women in the neighborhood about breast cancer because she is a survivor. She is filled with the spirit of hospitality, love and co-operation. 

She inspired me to get a job so that I can contribute towards my family's economy. 

She is a mother. #OMOCares #OMOMothers 

  • Lucky Oweriah (Owerri, Imo State) 


2.     I nominate Mrs. Sarumi Morohunranti, because she is Everyone's Mum for quite a number of reasons. 

A mother to all, her kindness amazes me. She lends a helping hand to family, friends, and even to strangers and always encourages others to do this. She does not mind sharing her last kobo, because for her, "You dont know where you will meet them tomorrow"

Other mums in the neighborhood feel comfortable dropping their children with her when going out, and the kids love her too. 

In Yoruba, we call her Iya Gbogbo (meaning, mother to all). I pray she lives long to reap the fruit of her labour. She's the No. 1 mum in my neighborhood that everyone runs to for advice or assistance. She has raised quite a number of children, and she's naturally accommodating. 

She is a super outstanding mother. #OMOCares #OMOMothers 

  • Cynthia Chukwuma (Surulere, Lagos State) 



3.     I nominate Mrs. Mary Alawi, a candle that loses nothing by lighting another.  

In a few words, she has been the apt definition of reliability, amiability, dependability, and, in fact, humanity. She epitomises nicety at its peak.  

Her gifts really go a long way in getting everyone happy: her time, attention, love, and concern. Her only source of joy is to see those close to her getting out of the doldrums of life unscathed. She is not my mother by birth but she has been treating me like her very own. She is a single parent and I would be grateful if @omodetergentng can honour her on my behalf. She deserves it.  

Mary Auta (Adamawa State) #OMOCares #OMOMothers 


4.      If I come to this world 100 times, I want this woman (with the same complexion and tribal mark) to be my mother. 

My mum, my prayer warrior, thank you for spiritually tackling all the tribulations that would have badly happened to us. You are truly my shield and a good mother - even your type is very rare.  

Your upbringing, words of encouragement and advice has really helped my growth in life. You are still doing your duties. To the mother who sacrifices and works hand-in-hand with her husband to uphold the family, I GREET YOU and I love you. 

  • Salako Khadijat, Osun State. 



5.     She’s my granny, and everyone calls her Iya Ibeji.  

My grandma is selfless, protective, cheerful, wise and very creative. She gives the best advice, works really hard and she is a great teacher. She is called everyone’s mum simply because she helps to settle between couples, friends or neighbors,  

My grandma would tell everyone she knows the truth when she sees it simply because she takes everyone as her children. I love you so much, granny. 

  • Akindele Boluwatife (Abuja) 

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