If you’ve been rolling with me you know what TODAY (December 1st) is…

Its VLOGMAS!!!!!!!!!

I’ll explain; Vlogmas is a YouTube thing that Content Creators have been doing for many years. It is creating a video EVERYDAY from the 1st of December till Christmas Day. I mean, 25 Videos… that is A LOT! It is always challengingbut it’s an experience I always look forward to because:

-its my favourite time of the year

-its a community thing

-I get to discover new creators

-it pushes me to be more efficient

…and MORE!

All YOU have to do is Show Up, WATCH, Click the LIKE Button on each video (God Bless You) and leave a comment. Dasssssit!

So, Vlogmas officially kicked off today and it is even more special because I have an Announcement!


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