I just Launched my 1st Ever COOKBOOK! I say 1st because I believe there is more to come! You, my audience have requested for a cookbook for many years now. In the beginning it seemed like such a daunting idea but as I got more requests and delved deeper into Food Content Creation, I realised this was a path for me. So here we are!

This CookBook was inspired by YOU and all the favourite things we love to eat as a family in my home. The Title "A TIME TO EAT" was inspired by remembering what my father would always tell me, this guides a lot of my decision making. It is originally taken from the Bible and it can be found in Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1 :

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"

The festive season for me and I hope for others is a time to be Merry and A Time to spend with loved ones, family and those we hold dear. It is a Time to just put our feet up and enjoy the end of the year, it is a time to unwind, to reflect, to be thankful to be hopeful, to be joyful and A TIME TO EAT (Definitely!)

A TIME TO EAT is a DIGITAL COOKBOOK which means you can get it wherever you are in the world and download to your phone! How convenient! CLICK HERE to Download A TIME TO EAT COOKBOOK by YEMISI S. ODUSANYA.

Thank you all for your support!
Merry Christmas!

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