If you live in Nigeria, live in a home of your own, or have children, you have a good idea of how difficult it can be hiring and/or maintaining domestic staff – nannies, cleaners, drivers, security guards, you-name-it. Though not all support staff have harmful intentions, we all know (or, at least, have heard) of horror stories, from dealing with dishonesty and theft, to more severe cases of physical or sexual abuse. It can be such a challenge to put your faith in the people who are often closest to us, and it’s a big personal concern for me with two little kids.

How do you trust that your driver is truly capable, and won’t put your family in harms way? How do you confirm your nanny’s employment history? How do you check that your security guard doesn’t have a criminal record? These aren’t just trivial issues; in this day and age, it’s become a necessity to really know who you’re hiring – especially those you’re letting into your home. Gone are the days of leaving things in the hands of (sometimes mischievous) agents and trusting their every word. 

There’s a new way to guard yourself and your family against harm. The VerifyMe Self-Mobile Verification Platform (MVP) is a simple, trusted service that helps you know the real identity of who you are dealing with, before you let them into your home, or even business. You simply go to the website ( and enter the person’s ID. The portal immediately marches the ID against critical biometric databases such as BVN, NIMC or Drivers’ License (for drivers) to verify if it’s a true identity. What’s so great is that you get your results in real time, so you can make a final decision without taking too long.

For individuals with no digital ID, VerifyMe has agents who provide physical verifications, even for those living in remote areas. All reports are backed by the VMN guarantee and fool-proof verification processes. 

There’s so much to be wary about when it comes to hiring – false identities, fake addresses and made-up guarantor details, but VerifyMe has made necessary background checks easier than ever. Let it help you make the right hiring decisions, with minimal effort.

Anyone can claim to be who they’re not, so don’t take chances with your life, your family’s or your property. Before you hire, always verify first!

To get started, log on to the website today ( or call 0906 000 7624.

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