Cutting Onions will bring even the toughest of us to tears- Onions are so small, yet that powerful! So why do we cry when we cut an Onion? When you cut an Onion it releases an irritant known as syn-propanethial-S-oxide also known as lachrymatory factor (LF). It stimulates our lachrymal glands which causes the tears.

There are so many unproven methods for cutting onions without it hurting your eyes, some include lighting a match stick, place one end in your mouth while it burns - as if you're smoking the stick. LOL.Ignore that. Try these 5 tips and thank me later:

1. Place the onion in the refrigerator, not in the freezer. If the onions is cold, the chemical it releases that irritates the eyes will be reduced because most of it will evaporate.

2. Use a sharp knife when cutting an onion will mean the chemicals released will be reduced-a dull knife will compress the onion and cause it to release the irritating propanethial S-oxide.

3. Wear goggles when you are about to cut an onion. Is it worth the investment? Perhaps it is if you really want a fail-proof method of cutting onions without the irritant chemical getting to your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, then that should help as well.

4. Cut the onions under a kitchen vent. This is a tried and true way of preventing tears. The vent extracts the irritants as you cut – this method is absolutely genius.

5. Cut off the top and peel the outer layer of the onion but do not cut off the roots because the root contains the most amount of sulphuric acids that brings you to tears.


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