It’s no secret that the world’s most awesome doughnuts are now in Lagos – VI and Ikeja City Mall! - and have been sharing joy and happiness all over the city. This week, Krispy Kreme is celebrating 81 years and they are making it really huge. They’re giving out dozens of free doughnuts and making a massive birthday cake, among other side attractions. In order to get to the essence of the activities, I had to do a little digging to understand more of what makes Krispy Kreme so popular.

Krispy Kreme actually has quite a long and rich history, from when it was founded in 1937. The Original Glazed doughnut, which is their signature product, was born when the founder had people making long queues just to get fresh doughnuts. It’s impressive to know that even after all these years, Krispy Kreme has retained that Original recipe and you can still find queues to get hot fresh doughnuts every time their Hot Light sign comes on at their stores anywhere in the world. Now, that’s what I call tradition

I always associate Krispy Kreme with celebration – whether it’s a sneaky surprise for someone in the office, a formal birthday party or even a wedding or baptism, a dozen – or two – of these sensations, in their super smart packaging, really goes down a treat! 

As expected, people were overjoyed when they finally opened a spot in Nigeria and we all couldn’t wait to get our hands on these doughnuts. Krispy Kreme currently runs two outlets, one at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa and Bishop Aboyade Cole St., Victoria Island. Naturally, one would ask why there’s such a large space for just doughnuts and coffee. Apparently Krispy Kreme is trying to build a culture where people can take time out and relax over doughnuts and coffee; and considering how peaceful the environment usually is, it’s really a place you can hangout and hear yourself think. 

So with their upcoming birthday celebrations, I decided to compile a few important hacks to help you get the best out of the Krispy Kreme and the season. 

Free Original Glazed Dozens! 

For an entire week, Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen of Original Glazed Doughnuts for every Choose Your Own Dozen bought. The Choose Your Own is basically a box of 12 in which you’re allowed to pick from any doughnut on the shelf (the other two dozen options don’t allow that). With the special offer, you’ll get another box of Original Glazed doughnuts once you purchase a Choose Your Own. It goes for just N5200 so you get a massive savings on the deal. Cool right? 

Help them Raise Some Dough 

Giving back to the communities is a big part of Krispy Kreme’s vision in Nigeria. Remember all those free doughnut drops? Well, this time they have partnered with an organisation, Socially Africa, in raising funds to procure school kits for 81 less-privileged kids. On the day of the birthday celebrations, they will be having 30 kids at their VI store to make all sorts of lovely crafts with beads of which the proceeds would be donated to this cause. Also, they will donate a portion of sales on their Boston Kreme doughnuts to charity! Nothing better than putting smiles on kids’ faces on your birthday. 

The Biggest Birthday Cake Ever? 

Krispy Kreme is going all the way with a gargantuan cake that they claim will make everyone else’s birthday cake feel well… small. After 81 years in existence, nothing less is expected. The cake is going to be on display at their Victoria Island store from Sunday 19th July at 4pm and would be shared on Monday, 30th

Look out for pictures at #krispykremeng! 

The event will be hosted at their exclusive party area in their Victoria Island Store on the 30th which they also state is a rentable area for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc. The affordable rates and the fact that they have an all-inclusive offer which takes care of all party needs makes it an attractive deal.

There’s something for Everyone 
So what makes Krispy Kreme different from our normal sugar dusted or jam filled doughnuts? 
Firstly, they are made fresh everyday – never stale! And they come in the finest flavours. I guess they are a little sugary – but are they more sugary than other indulgences or indeed every day soft drinks? Krispy Kreme took time out to explain that contrary to what people sometimes expect, their doughnuts are meant as a sweet treat, more of like an indulgence. So it should be consumed that same way other sweet pastries like cakes and ice creams are. 

They do have a lot of varieties, about 18 in total and I find lots to satisfy me – rumor has it they are even working on some Naija flavours. There’s actually something for everyone if you are patient enough to go through the selection. The store chef gave assurance that Krispy Kreme is working hard in expanding their doughnut varieties in order to bring more traditional flavors that Nigerian’s love into the market. So the future does sound exciting! 

Bonus Hacks 

· You can microwave your doughnuts for about 8 seconds if you want to get the melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

· Do you know there’s an abundance of free Wi-Fi at Krispy Kreme stores? Just connect your device and off you go, no passwords needed. 

· Delivery is currently available via Jumia Food and for those that live further out, dough-nut worry, Krispy Kreme is coming to new locations 

So I hope I’ve been able to bring you up to speed with everything Krispy Kreme. It’s easy to feel their core values of bringing joy and happiness any time you’re around their store. The celebrations start from Sunday, 29th July at Ikeja City Mall and finish the following day. I’ll be at the celebrations at Victoria Island on Monday 30th so join me!


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