One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received is: "all you people do in this Lagos is look for money. Don't forget to enjoy life o!" It was such short, impromptu counselling, but it stuck on mind like glue. Even if you live in a slower-paced town/part of the world than Lagos, it's so easy to get caught up in everyday life (and the monotony of it) that you forget there is more to living.

As you probably know, travelling is one of my favourite things to do. Aside from it being a time of refreshment for me, I also find that opening yourself up to new experiences, from time to time, has several benefits. Before you sigh because you think you can't afford 'that travel life', or just can't get the time off, this is why you need to do it more often:

1. It opens your eyes and your mind. There's something about experiencing a new environment that makes you realise the world is bigger than your own little corner of it. You will be exposed to a new culture, new opportunities and new adventures that will ultimately make you a more well-rounded human being.

2. It's a time of reflection. Stepping out of your routine, even for a short time, does wonders for the body and mind. Taking a trip is the perfect time for self-assessment, reflecting on your work and career, relationships and future plans. Don't deny yourself of it.

3. Travelling won't cost as much as you may think. We tend to think of exploring the skyscrapers of the UAE or trekking the streets of Asia when we think of travel, but how often do we look inwards? There are so many beautiful places to enjoy right where you are. Plan a road trip to another state with your friends, or take a trip on your own to a tourist destination within your country. You don't need a big bank account to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

4. It's wonderful bonding time - away from the pressures of life. There's nothing like reminiscing about your time away with your spouse, or recounting funny experiences you had on holiday with your children. Travelling creates some of the best memories you'll have with your loved ones.

5. Travelling allows you break out of your comfort zone. When else can you really say you do crazy, out-of-the-box things than when you're on holiday? (Like kissing an elephant, oops!) From trying new cuisine to making new friendships with people from other parts of the world, travelling opens the door to adventures worth remembering.

Enjoy some of my awesome travel diaries here and go have some new experience of your own!


  1. My friends recently went to Idanre Hills. Pity I missed out in the fun.

  2. sisi yemmie you are right. Traveling do have tremendous benefits.Catching beautiful views and sceneries have a lot of impact on one.I have an article too where i also made emphasis on beautiful sceneries. It is very good to go out of our comfort zone and explore the world

  3. You're right! My family and I wanted to go for a trip sometimes and we were thinking it was going to cost more so we postponed it like twice. When we finally went it wasn't expensive. I love traveling.



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