Three Crowns milk has announced its 30th anniversary and partnership with the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) to promote healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. The foundation’s logo now endorses Three Crowns milk offering of heart friendly, complete nourishment.

Unveiling the partnership on Thursday March 15 in Lagos, the Managing Director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, Mr. Ben Langat, said “Three Crowns milk considers it a great privilege to partner with the Nigerian Heart Foundation in promoting healthy options for consumers. We understand the important role food plays in reducing the risk of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular diseases. It is because of the close link between diet and health that our company and the Nigerian Heart Foundation, have come together today to endorse Three Crowns as the heart friendly milk brand.

“As Three Crowns marks her 30th anniversary of delivering complete nourishment to Nigerians, the brand in partnership with the Nigerian Heart Foundation will promote, encourage and empower Nigerians to live healthy lives. This is significant because Three Crowns milk is the first dairy brand to be endorsed with the Nigerian Heart Foundation ‘Heart Check’ logo” Langat said. 

Three Crowns was launched into the Nigerian market as evaporated milk in 1988 and in 2015 it extended into milk powder category to cater for a wider consumer preference. It is low in cholesterol and contains 28 vitamins and minerals needed for daily nutrition. 

Three Crowns 30th anniversary celebration in partnership with NHF will be amplified on television, radio, billboards and digital platforms to engage consumers and trade partners. The brand has an ongoing digital campaign tagged ”work out with whatever,” which supports consumers to develop a daily exercise routine. In addition, the brand has created a direct coaching platform where consumers are given a tailor made exercise routine based on their work out challenges. Find more information on this on: ;

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