Why is it that most Nigerian homes are filled with stuff nobody ever uses? You must find stack of old newspapers that do nothing but collect dust, old towels that should be thrown away, plastic bowls more than they can ever use, souvenirs , pots that are so out of shape (old and rusty)... and MORE! I made up my mind a long time ago to have a clutter free home, no need accumulating stuff I don't use, or that does not bring me joy. To be honest, my house looks nicer without the "gbo gbo eru" and I feel better!

Press Play to see what I got rid of!


  1. I haven't seen this video yet. But no doubt I will soon! I totally agree with you. Africans love to be collectors of items. In fact, we win the award in that department! Keep up with the good work of educating our people!


  2. This video has really inspired me to create time and declutter our rooms. Packing everything to the store is not the best option, they may never be used, what's the point of keeping sef?

  3. Na me need this post pass...hahaha..I need to do a lot of tossing out. You know that feeling of 'I might still need this thing o'..that keeps me from throwing things out..butb Sisi has inspired me so i shall do all that...Thanks


  4. I seriously need this declutter exercise. I did one like a year ago and I need another soon.

  5. Really loved this video. I feel like I hoard things (I actually hoard things)����. I’m always holding on to things based on memories or the thought “I might need them at some point”, a habit I’m trying to stop. I just got inspired by the video and I’ve decided that by the weekend I’ll declutter my apartment.

  6. Dunno how I feel about the fact that you just held a mirror to my face and my husband was hearing the audio and shouting “you have a friend”. We have 3 bedrooms and 4 wardrobes, I have clothes in all of them. My son is 6 months and we have an extra playard. I sell makeup so all my makeup will fit in a big polybag and still remain. My kitchen is a mess. I have peanut butter that’s expired and empty milk cans (I’ve started adding formula cans too). I just had a baby so I don’t know if my feet will shrink or not. Dunno how much weight I’ll lose too. I need help. I’ll start this public holiday


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