The issue of unemployment has plagued Nigeria and other parts of the world; graduating from school without a job for years can make you start questioning the authenticity of your degree certificate. In this part of the world (Nigeria) we immediately start blaming our village people and the government. A second ‘wahala’ that we faced last year which is still on-going is the massive retrenchment; many Nigerians lost their source of income. Remember my YouTube video on “How I Became Self Employed” (insert link) and my story on how I lost my job when I was pregnant with Tito? 

There are many graduates sitting at home for years and many families suffering because the breadwinner was laid off from work and can no longer cater for the family. But guess what? These people have untapped skills that they don't know how to exploit and make a source of livelihood from. Should we fold our hands and complain when the job doesn’t come? Do we keep blaming the government for our predicaments and continue suffering? Being unemployed is not a ticket to poverty and losing your job is not the end of the world; you have a talent, skill, hobby, gift – something you do that makes you happy while doing it. You have a passion, something unique about you that people can pay for. You need to wake up to these skills and START doing something about your life; if you don’t have a skill, it’s time to learn one that you’re passionate about. 

I know you gave great potentials inside you; you have a passion, a gift or talent that you’re yet to discover. Maybe, you’ve discovered your passion but offer it free of charge and find it very difficult to monetize. Or you have a business idea, but you don’t know how to turn that idea to money. You don’t need to worry, there’s something I can recommend to help you; it’s the book CASH YOUR PASSION. This book will show you practical steps to make money from the things you love doing. 

Oya look at me, I lost my job in a very precarious situation – a pregnant woman who had bills, baby food, baby clothes and plenty ‘gbese’ to solve with money; including planning for baby’s school fees (you have to start saving early). Losing my job would have been very devastating if I had not built SisiYemmie on the side; I use my passion for cooking and content creation to make a living. I can confidently say I am “Cashing My Passion” because I am making money from the things I love doing. I refused to see the loss of my job as the end of the world; it even made me push forward towards pursuing my passion.

The idea of waiting for the ‘perfect’ time has stopped a lot of great minds from achieving their destinies. If I can do it, you can too… 

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