It's Back-To-School season for kids and "Happy School Fees Week" for parents so I thought this would be a perfect time to share TIPS for packing the perfect lunch box for your child, you can read the full article on the Guardian Newspaper website HERE  (I write twice a month - Saturdays). I also thought it would be awesome what I pack for my own child in a week, so this is like inspiration from you, so click play on the video below. But first, quick tips for packing school lunches for toddlers🤓:

  • Package small sized portions; makes it easier for them to eat (tiny hands!)😋 
  • Avoid foods that stain easily i.e palm oil meals may be messy😉 
  • Plan and meal prep in advance to avoid chaos on school days 😩 
  • Pack what your toddler typically likes to eat at home 😁 
  • Give them options; fruits, snacks, carbs, proteins etc👌 

This Tito's first official school term, and as a new mum I'm still learning, if you have tips for packing good toddler lunches or recipes for toddler meals you've found useful over the years, please tell me. I'm still a learner oh. Here are the links to the recipes I mentioned in this video:
  • Jollof Spahgetti Recipe HERE
  • Akara Pancake Recipe HERE 
  • Coconut Rice Recipe HERE 
  • Chicken Suya Recipe HERE 
  • Puff Puff Recipe HERE 
  • Vegetable Scrambled Eggs HERE
If you want me to do more videos like this, please leave a comment.


  1. This really came in handy as my other little toddler kids would be joining dis term.

  2. Thank you for the akara pancake recipe..very helpful!

  3. Hiya do you have a cooking book with all these recipes in it please?

  4. This is so awesome! I just found your blog yesterday and I’m already in love. My oldest kiddo will be starting pre-K soon so this is super helpful!

  5. This is awesome. I just found your blog yesterday and am already loving the African-inspired recipe ideas. My husband is Nigerian and (with all content) I cook 90% Nigerian food for my family. I don’t even miss American food (what is that anyway?)... Our oldest kiddo will be starting pre-K soon so this is super helpful!! Thanks for your dedication


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