Oh finally we found a house! So I'm really excited we did because the search was stressful and I think I like the new neighbourhood. Time will tell. I would do an update video on why we chose this house and the location. I am looking forward to decorating so any tip would help especially where to get furniture etc in Lagos...

I believe the cutest thing about this vlog is Tito saying "Maama" gets me every time! Ok bye! Watch, LIKE and don'r forget to SUBSCRIBE!


  1. Congrats, you have a beautiful house. I said Green as you asked about color choice on your vlog and coincidentally Bobo chose Green sofa. For the coziest feel of a home,olive green walls do the magic but since you are emphatic on lighting, you can leave the walls as they are. You can work cream walls well with art frames and green plant.I'd have prefered dark sofa against olive green walls cos it's less work to maintain the sofa and with bright throw pillows, the furniture pops. In the end it all boils down to you and Oga. If you have a friend in Dubai, you can get breathtaking consoles so cheap,shipping it won't be much of a hassle since it's Lagos.When are we doing washing and setting for the house? I'm sending you 'lotta-body'.Lol

  2. Awww I'm so happy for you! House hunting is never easy. I can't wait to see a video of you giving us a tour of the house.
    I just learned something new about tiger nuts? Sisi, can you share the "testimony" after you ate it? *runs away*

    All you need to know about the vagina

  3. Congratulations Sisi..happy for you.

  4. Awwwww........... Mama.

    I breastfeed my daughter for about 15 months and it was a struggle for her to stop. But I tried it out this technique and it worked.
    Do not withdraw bf just like that. Give it time.
    If you breastfeed daily, reduce it to 4x a week for about two weeks then 3 days then 2 days then once a week. Before you know it... he will forget about the breast.

    Congrats on your new home. Its huge... love it

  5. No way with the green sofa and a toddler!!! Better to get cognac,or chocolate brown color accessorize with the bright orange,lime green and yellow or cream pillows. The lime green dining set is okay compliment with cream or brown/tangerines accents.

  6. Tito is such a cutie!!!! Congrats hun...Can't wait to see the final outcome...decor and all. :)
    Have a lovely weekend.


  7. Congrats yemisi on ur new house. I can imagine the decision to finally get one. On house decorating....I love decorating houses. It's just a passion. My thoughts....the lime green sofa is nice but it might be hard to maintain seeing as you have a toddler and the issue of spills and things. If u can manage the cleaning then fine cos I imagine the sofa is covered with fabric. I really liked the grey sofa which you could have decorated with different colours of throw pillows and it's kind of like a neutral pallete to put in sort of any colour of window finishings and accessories you want. So I'm thinking grey sofa with pop of colours on the accessories but if una don buy the green no yawa it's fine just be careful not to spill things. On the window treatment/ finishing I would recommend curtains...I'm a big fan of wooden blinds but seeing that the windows are from up reach ground curtains will do just fine. If you eventually picked the lime green sofa then I'd say grey curtains. Most people combine lime green/olive green with orange accessories. It's very nice but it depends on how bright you want to go. For the walls, it depends on how bright you want the room to be. If u have good lighting then the cream walls are ok. But white walls works wonders sha. When you enter the house to the right....hope I remember... you can put in a mini sitting area there with the console as the center piece or since u mentioned consoles are expensive....a cute side table in between 2 accent chairs would be nice. You can send me your email address so I can send a couple of pics that can help your decision in terms of colour combinations and stuff. My instagram handle is jezeocha . Have fun decorating and as always Tito is just cuteness times

  8. Congrats sisi on your new house looking forward to a tour when you guys are done furnishing. Ehen sisi those green sofas are cute but the problem is maintenance cus you know Titos is a very active toddler. Then on that space between your kitchen and the guest toilet how about a big standing cupboard where you'll keep your silverwares n glasses the type wey u dey use for important visitor or on Christmas day lol. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  9. haaaa sii mi congrats ooo...well im practically into home decor tho upcoming but since you prolly might not want to pay me,i dont mind shopping with you if you have chance let me take you to all the nook and cranny to get the very best..but for tito's sake let me work it out for you and you will like it.just tell me how you want it to feel like and i will do it just like me ma 08100592054 ufuoma is my name or mail me

  10. Congrats Sisi on your new house. Aww so many suggestions to pick from already..



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